Here’s a meditation to help clear the fear of viruses

I felt called to create a meditation for those feeling overwhelmed with fear right now. Any illness, disease, major life change or possible death of a loved one can create fear, as we feel out of control. The more we focus on the external world and try and control that which we cannot, the more anxious we feel.

Meditation helps us take control where we can. Our breath, our inner world, our emotions are all things we have control over in any moment, no matter what. So take some time now to sit or lie comfortably and let go of the fear and need to control. This will allow more resources of energy to be directed into that which you do want to create, rather than the focus being on what you don’t want.

It is a practise, not a quick fix. Leading a life in which you prioritise yourself, slow down, and let go of the outside world, even for a moment, pays huge dividends in terms of stress relief and overwhelm becomes rare.

As well as meditation spend time in nature, off screens, eat well, sleep well and move your body daily. Again these are all ways to have control, manage your emotions and boost your immune system. Then if illness or any other knock comes calling you’ll be better able to withstand the change and recover more quickly.

Just breathe

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