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Welcome to my website.

I would love to work with you and your family to help create more ease, joy, fun, harmony and connection. As a single parent of a grown up child I know the challenges that can come along and disrupt the hopes and dreams you may have had of family life.

For me it was a struggle working whilst raising a child with mulitple allergies on my own. This led to my deepening journey into holistic health and healing.

I was practising yoga and meditation before I became pregnant. Then I found myself adrift from the medical establishment when my daughter had a severe reaction to nuts. When tested we were told she had to avoid nuts, grass, trees, dust, cats, horses, dairy, gluten and sesame.

As a keen problem solver that was not good enough for me so I set out on a mission to bring my daughter back to full and balanced health.

It wasn’t just her either, as I was completely stressed out with carrying so much on my own, and the demands of home and work.

I have trained in many healing modalities over the last 25 years, alongside teaching and managing in SEN schools and colleges. This helped us both live a happier and more balanced family life and I am keen to use my work to create this for you.

I now work full time in my holistic health and wellbeing practise based in London.

To find out more about working with me visit here