Here is the link to the Facebook Live of the meditation I led at SENsational tutors parenting workshop:


I am doing a talk for SENsational tutors at one of their parenting workshops on July 12th 2018 in London. I will demonstrate how mindfulness meditation can benefit childrens concentration, learning, confidence and wellbeing.

Making SENse of your child’s educational and behavioural needs at home

I will be working with Solar Events at the Holistic Business Summit September 23rd/24th 2017 in London. Check it out here and if you mention my name you get a discount on tickets!


I will be assisting Art Giser on his Level 1 programme in London 4th-7th November 2016.  Details and registration can be found here:

I will be teaching Yoga at the Midsummer Festival in Tuscany this August 2016.  The main focus will be on 5 Rhythms dance.  Details can be found here:

I will be doing a talk on Feng Shui and Health on 22/4/15 here:

Please take a look and come along to find out how to create a healthier home and a healthier you!

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