Work with me

My holistic health and wellbeing coaching is charged on an hourly basis (£80ph).  These are one to one in London or via Skype. I recommend a package of fortnightly sessions over 3 months (this includes email support in between sessions).

A feng shui consultation is charged based on the size of the property (rooms, floor space, outside space and number of people working or residing there).  A quote is available upon request.  A typical two bedroom house with two occupants and a garden is charged at £650 within zones 1-4 (outside this transport costs will be added).

A consultation includes flying stars, dowsing for geopathic stress, earth acupuncture, bagua, ming gua, form school and 4 pillars chinese astrology and 3 months of email support.

I offer one off earth acupuncture at £80ph and this can be done remotely.

For a business consultation please contact me for a quote.

Please feel free to email me for more information at

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