Here are some of the things people say about working with me:

Through regular sessions of coaching with Leah, I prepared to give up smoking. This enabled me to think through strategies I was going to use and consider different behaviours that would replace the ones I had as a smoker. As the goals were set by me and the solutions were generated by me, this was a very individually tailored approach that encouraged me to find things that worked for me. Being coached by Leah not only meant that I stopped smoking but it also meant that I replaced a harmful habit with healthy behaviours. Leah remained encouraging and helped to tap into my motivation during tough times! I would highly recommend her service. Natasha, Student Support Advisor, Bedfordshire

I needed to earn more money from my career as it seemed stagnant and stuck. Since the feng shui consultation my relationship with my agent and my focus has improved.  It’s extraordinary, I’ve had more of the kind of work I want since improving my career area, like working with Sir Ian McKellan.  Health was also important to me and I was getting frequent coughs and colds.  As I’m getting older I worry about things going wrong.  Recent tests have shown I’m healthier.  I now realise things can change for the better and will be keeping in regular contact with Leah to make sure I keep getting the benefits. Shirley, Actress and Artist, London

‘After decluttering and balancing my relationship area I met someone much better than usual who I’m in a relationship with now.  Things are better at work with my supervisor as she is being more accomodating.  I still need to do all the things Leah advised in this area!  Working with Leah made me realise I don’t have to have all these things in my life. I don’t need so much stuff and now I don’t buy so much.  I found my clutter overhelming and daunting.  Leah helped me enhance my love and work areas to get what I want. Sharon, Carer, London

I have been interested in Feng Shui for years and the session with Leah was enlightening.  After sorting out the different areas of my home the energy felt much better,  Since the session I have noticed that things are less hectic from neighbours that were causing issues and disruption, they are actually in the process of moving since Leah performed a technique.  My work has become busier after a very slow period and I am in a relationship after being single for several years.  Feng Shui has certainly improved areas in my life and made the energy better within my home. Tara, Hairdresser, Essex

‘I always find Leah very friendly, understanding, patient, helpful and willing to answer my questions about Feng Shui, Chinese astrology and I Ching both during and following consultations. The Chinese astrology reading has helped me to focus more on what matters in my busy life, and a recent I Ching reading confirmed my own doubts and saved me money. I noticed an improvement in the flow of my freelance work and finances following the Feng Shui consultation.  I also had a hypnotherapy session with Leah prior to flying. Leah gave me a tapping sequence to do and both that session and the tapping sequence, which I can do on my own, have reduced my fear of flying.’
Justin, Interpreter, London
I went to Leah for some hypnosis, as I was in a really stuck and low mood. I have had a lot of helplessness in my mindset, as well as some deep depression.The hypnosis helped me to calm down and focus on a more positive way of being. I felt a lot more positive and safer in the world on leaving than I did when I had arrived for the session.Leah is a very empathetic and talented healer, and is also very knowledgable about Feng Shui, which is helpful for a lot of energy to be opened up. I highly recommend Leah as a hypnotherapist and I would go to her again for more sessions when I need them. She is a good listener and really wants to help. Suki, Receptionist, London

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